Learn what it takes and means to design, implement, and evaluate strategies in different types of organizations working to become more equitable and do their work in the service of equity.

This webinar follows up on our December 2022 session, where we explored the extent to which attention is paid to the D(iversity), the E(quity), and the I(nclusion) and the will to make the D, E, and I happen, depending on an organization’s history, leadership, and context within which it operates.


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Your Host

Amber Trout, Ph.D.
Managing Associate
Community Science

Amber has extensive organizational and leadership development, change management, and capacity building experience in the nonprofit, federal, and philanthropic sectors. Her work focuses on facilitating and organizing racial equity and organizational change efforts to promote system-wide transformation at leadership, organization, and community levels.ca.

Your Panel

Jasmine Williams-Washington, Ph.D.
Community Science

Jasmine specializes in organizational and leadership development, power building, unlocking individual and local capacity of nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, and change management. Her work is grounded in community organizing principles she gained from over a decade of issue and political community organizing experience, using community and organizational power to make systemic change.

Emily Meade Hite, MPH
Parter & Executive VP
Banyan Communications

Emily has over twenty years of experience partnering with organizations to address complex, national public health challenges such as the opioid epidemic and violence and injury prevention. She is a Partner and Executive Vice President at Banyan Communications, a creative communications consultancy addressing critical social and public health initiatives through strategic communications. She provides leadership and oversight for Banyan’s growth strategy—ensuring that Banyan’s culture, work, and client-base align with the mission to create change for good.

Nellis Kennedy-Howard
Asdzą́ą́ Consulting

Nellis is the founder of Asdzą́ą́ Consulting (meaning “woman”), a Navajo owned and operated consulting firm assisting mission driven organizations in becoming more effective, more impactful, and more equitable. Nellis is the former Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Justice at Sierra Club where she worked to transform the country’s oldest and largest environmental non-profit to become more equitable. Nellis is an attorney with certificates in Federal Indian Law and Natural Resources Law. Nellis previously worked alongside Winona LaDuke as Co-Executive Director at the Native non-profit organization, Honor the Earth. She became an environmentalist after she learned of the country’s largest uranium spill, which took place just miles from her family’s home on the Navajo Reservation.