Our Approach

Our values guide us in the application of the highest professional and scientific standards to strengthen communities, so they implement effective strategies that result in more equitable systems. Our best results are co-created with our clients and other stakeholders, especially those most affected.

Community Science Values

We are committed to the health and well-being for all people. We lead with integrity and honesty in our scientific methods and in our business practices. Our priority is to advance equity and justice. We value and strive to:

  • Support the development of healthy, just, and equitable communities for everyone

  • Promote diversity and inclusiveness

  • Dismantle racism and build equitable systems

  • Amplify diverse community voices and shift power to the people most affected

  • Enhance scientific, professional, and public capacity to use and share information

  • Learn and improve as an organization and as individuals along with those we work with

  • Produce the highest quality of work that leads to actionable insights and stronger strategies

Let’s Do Some Good Work Together

Community Science is committed to fostering a collaborative learning process that involves all stakeholders and exceeds the Partnership’s expectations. We consistently deliver, regardless of topic or context:

  • a participatory approach, through which we successfully engage stakeholders in determining their goals, strategies, outputs, and outcomes, anticipating opportunities and challenges that will influence their work;

  • a flexible and responsive attitude, whereby we are not afraid to ask the hard questions and, at the same time, adapt our methods to changing priorities and context;

  • a scientifically rigorous process, in which we follow the rules of evidence; and, last but not least,

  • a sensitivity to the concerns surrounding evaluations, which drives the development of our practical, useful, jargon-free presentations and reports.

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