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We’re growing and have multiple open positions, from research assistants to thought leaders in equitable community development, health and behavioral health equity, youth leadership and engagement, powerful citizenry, and developing more effective organizations.

If this is you…

You are a person motivated to use your knowledge and skills as part of a team that uses scientific knowledge and methods along with lived experience to change systems and communities, so they are more equitable and promote collective wellbeing. You’re a self-motivated learner who is never satisfied with what you know and what you can do to make a difference.  You embrace the complexity of social change and believe it is your place to work with government agencies, foundations and other non-profits, and corporations as well as grassroots community organizations to make that change. You also realize that change and professional success comes from focus and commitment. Most of all, when you see a problem or injustice, you seek to address it. You want to use your knowledge and communication skills to help grassroots and large organization leaders as well as practitioners.

Then you should meet us …

Community Science continues its 25-year commitment to a singular focus on developing healthy, just, and equitable communities. Because of this long term and deep commitment, we are recognized leaders in equity promoting strategy development and improvement as well as large scale community engagement systems that shift power to traditionally disenfranchised groups. We’re internationally recognized for our evaluation of these initiatives that lead to increased impact on communities and systems. This recognition creates a great number of new opportunities to work with leading national and local organizations. Our work has an immediate impact on what’s going on nationwide to address racial and other inequities.  We’re a team of highly skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds who are committed to social change, equity, and justice. We value teamwork, cooperation, innovation, problem-solving, and people with a passion for this work.

What knowledge, skills, and experience we need you to bring to Community Science

Our positions have different requirements.  By following the link below, you can explore our openings, and find you best fit.

You should have the following qualifications:

  • Degree in a social science, urban planning, or public health.
  • Prior knowledge or research experience in at least one area of community change (e.g., health equity, housing and economic development, early childhood development, workforce development, systems change, racial equity, or community capacity building). Evaluation capacity building experience highly desirable.
  • Proficiency in both qualitative and quantitative analysis methods and software (mixed methods)
  • Direct experience or familiarity with working in a professional services firm.
  • Experience in the implementation of evaluations of community-based or systems change projects among diverse communities.
  • Strong communication (written and verbal) skills including publications in scientific or practitioner outlets.
  • Ability to travel.
  • Ability to thrive in a busy environment, where attention to detail, and meeting deadlines are critical to success.
  • Prior experience and evaluation capacity building and other forms of knowledge and skill building
  • Proficiency in foreign languages and cultures is an advantage.

Our commitment to our employee community includes:

Ethical and equitable practices in everything we do

  • A focus on professional development and success
  • Policies and practices that are responsive to a variety of family and other life circumstances
  • Benefits that promote physical, mental, and financial well-being
  • A caring community of peers
  • A relentless pursuit of making a bigger difference

Join us and let’s do some good work together!

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