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Food banks are needed now more than ever and sourcing healthy food choices presents a real challenge. Farm to Food Bank Programs provide a new path to solving old problems. Join us for this webinar where we talk with leaders and farmers in Montgomery, MD who share keys to success.

Our experience tells us that when Strategy and Evaluation Teams work together, it gets much easier for organizations to learn, improve, and advance Equity and Justice. But how do you help these two teams meet in the middle? We’ve been working on this issue since we started Community Science and are planning to share lessons about how to successfully make sure Strategy and Evaluation will never be strangers again.

Ecosystem Maps allow a foundations and nonprofit organizations to better understand how their work aligns and its investments contribute to efforts to improve a sector or systems within a sector. Ecosystem Maps also extend limited grantmaking funds by providing guidance on the wisest investment choices, partnerships with other funders, or the identification of programs that operate efficiently.

Is Equity in Public Transportation Possible?

January 25, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

We’ve pulled together 3 leaders from public agencies who have centered equity in their transportation policy decisions and actions. Hear their journeys. Learn from their experience. Get a copy of the guide they helped to write.

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