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It takes a diverse team of people to understand the challenges faced by funders, grantees, and those they serve. We’re proud of who we are and work hard to reflect the communities we serve.

Our people help our clients meet their challenges  by applying their expertise, multi-disciplined approaches, multicultural understanding, and personal experiences. We are here to make a difference in the world in which we all live. Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths because we appreciate the value that lived experience brings to our work. The right people with the right attitude make us who we are. We come from a variety of backgrounds with advanced degrees in psychology, public health, urban and regional planning, sociomedical sciences, public policy, social work, education, business administration and economics. Joining community Science means that you are joining a lifelong learning and professional development process. Community Science invests heavily in the professional development of its team members to further advance their expertise, research skills, and other competencies. We are active in presenting at national and international professional and practitioner forums.

Cross-cultural competence is a core capacity for our company and our people. In addition to their lived experience, Community Science staff are fluent in several languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Malay, Italian, and French. Language proficiency, however, is not the most important element of our capacity to work across cultures. We spend a great deal of time learning about the social organization, customs, norms, and history of the groups with whom we work, enabling us to build upon the strengths of different culture. Because of our cultural competence, Community Science staff members have been able to work effectively with communities and organizations throughout Latin America, Africa, Canada, Europe, Russia, and Southeast Asia, in addition to different ethnic communities throughout the United States.

  • Michael Webb
    Michael WebbManaging Associate
    Dr. Michael Webb has wide-ranging experience in researching, evaluating, and developing affordable housing and community/economic development policies and programs across the U.S.  His focus includes designing and implementing evaluations of federal, state, and local policies and programs; project management; and providing technical assistance.
  • antwuan wallace
    antwuan wallacePrincipal Associate
    antwuan wallace works in the Equitable Economic Development Practice for Community Science. He has extensive research, evaluation, and public policy analysis experience with a focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. antwuan has worked with The Funding Exchange, Miami Dade County, the National Academies, The Center for Urban Families, Global Emergency Assistance Programs, and The Center for Equitable Economic Development to implement DEI policy and close the racial wealth gap.
  • Danielle Gilmore
    Danielle GilmoreSenior Analyst
    Danielle Gilmore is a PhD candidate at the George Washington University Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration, where she specializes in program evaluation.
  • Marissa Salazar
    Marissa SalazarSenior Analyst
    Marissa M. Salazar, MS, PhD, Senior Analyst, has expertise in critical theories and critical consciousness development, with a specialization in developing civic engagement and anti-racist efficacy in White youth.
  • Michelle Revels
    Michelle RevelsSenior Associate
    Michelle Revels is experienced in research and evaluation design and works on a range of policy analysis, program evaluation, and health communication projects.
  • Jasmine Williams-Washington
    Jasmine Williams-WashingtonAssociate
    Dr. Jasmine Williams-Washington is an Associate, specializing is in the implementation and evaluation of community organizing and organizational capacity building initiatives.
  • Dontarious Cowans
    Dontarious CowansResearch Assistant
    Dontarious Cowans has experience in mixed method analysis and data collection on community development and urban sociology topics. His focus includes urban planning, affordable housing, connectivity & accessibility, resource allocation, and public-policy data analysis.
  • Brandi Gilbert
    Brandi GilbertSenior Associate
    Dr. Brandi Gilbert’s specializes in community resilience, particularly around helping children and families prepare for and respond to chronic and acute stressors. She is passionate about youth agency and leadership to drive community change.
  • Dillion Nguyen
    Dillion NguyenResearch Assistant
    Dillon Nguyen, B.S., Research Assistant, brings knowledge and skills in literature reviews, writing and note-taking, report writing for research and evaluations pertaining to migrant and immigrant health & safety justice and advocacy, and data collection.
  • Amber Trout
    Amber TroutManaging Associate
    Dr. Amber Trout has deep expertise in organizational and leadership development, change management, and capacity building in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors.
  • Kate Williams
    Kate WilliamsOperations Director
    Kate has expertise in project and program management and implementation, cross-functional staff management, and coaching and technical assistance.
  • Avelyn Heltzel
    Avelyn HeltzelAnalyst
    Avelyn Hetlzel brings knowledge and skills in literature review, data collection and analysis, and report writing for research and evaluations pertaining to poverty, food security, health, and the arts.
  • Kien Lee
    Kien LeePrincipal Associate & Vice President
    Dr. Kien S. Lee has expertise in promoting equity, inclusion, and cultural competency for health, food security, civic engagement, and leadership development.
  • David Chavis
    David ChavisPrincipal Associate & CEO
    Dr. Chavis is internationally recognized for his work in the implementation, support, and evaluation of community and systems change initiatives.
  • Yen Lim
    Yen LimSr. Contracts Manager
    Yen Lim has several decades’ experience in contract compliance, cost proposal development and submission, and contract negotiations, in both domestic and international contexts. 
  • Elisa Gonzalez
    Elisa GonzalezAssociate
    Dr. Elisa González has expertise in the social determinants of health with an emphasis on food and nutrition policies and community food systems.
  • Manal Sidi
    Manal SidiSenior Analyst
    Manal Sidi, Senior Analyst, focuses on addressing healthcare needs and health disparities among refugee and immigrant communities in the United States. Sidi is experienced in quantitative and qualitative research design and data collection with a focus on community participatory research and development of culturally appropriate research materials.
  • Lynn Liao
    Lynn LiaoManaging Associate
    Lynn Liao has experience in research, program evaluation, performance measurement, stakeholder engagement, policy analysis, strategic planning of local and regional economic development, housing subsidies, and employment and income assistance programs.
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