Sense of Community Website Launch

Community Science is pleased to announce the launch of the newly revamped website-an online, international meeting place for people interested in the study or application of sense of community! Our goal is to bring together the myriad of international scholars and practitioners to advance the work on sense of community that has been gaining interest and development over the past 50 years. Please sign up to join this online community, share your ideas and resources, contribute to the advancement of the measurement and application of sense of community, and promote human development and social justice. This site is an opportunity to share your ideas, work, and questions. has a Discussion Forum to ask questions, assist others, and find opportunities to collaborate. On this website, you will also find a Documents Library to post files, documents of your work, or learn about the work of others. For a rundown of the site’s features, click on the How to Use tab.

Users will also find this site as a gateway to the Sense of Community Index (SCI) and the Sense of Community Index-2 (SCI-2). Through this site, users are able to gain permission to use these copyrighted instruments as well as obtain advice from the developers and members of this online community.

We hope to bring people together through this site to better understand how to develop a sense of community and address its challenges so we can bring about healthy, just, and equitable societies. Please invite others to join us on this journey and register for an account today! Go to