Parent Leadership in Disney’s Encanto: Support Our Families, Strengthen Our Communities

Parent leadership has a positive impact on children, families, and society. Carlos Anguiano, Managing Associate, explores this topic through an insightful exploration of cultural influences and family dynamics as exemplified in Disney's "Encanto." Drawing on personal experiences of a Mexican American upbringing, this post delves into the parallels between the film's characters, especially Abuela and Mirabel, and real-life family values and responsibilities.


Designing Research with Intention: Culturally Responsive, Trauma-Informed, and Humanizing Strategies to Engage Youth

Conducting research study interviews with youth who have experienced significant life challenges — homelessness, intimate partner violence, childhood abuse, or other traumas — demands a delicate, compassionate approach


The Sustainability Case for More Diversity, Better Inclusion, and Explicit Attention to Equity in Nonprofits

An organization’s health, success, and longevity – that is, it’s sustainability – is more achievable when it invests time and resources to become more diverse and inclusive and pays explicit


Making Community Engagement Transformative: Lessons Learned for Those Who Really Want to Build and Shift Power

There has been a recent resurgence in supporting greater community engagement by foundations, government agencies, and nonprofits

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