The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation sought to understand the demographic characteristics of the principal investigators and leaders of organizations that received its grants. Community Science is working with the foundation to develop, pilot, and administer surveys to capture the racial, ethnic, sexual, gender, and disability identifies of principal investigators and organizational leaders as well as summarize and reflect on the results.  Community Science is merging existing data from the Foundation’s grant monitoring system (e.g., size, location, program area, etc. of grant) with survey data collected from leaders of approximately 700 active grant organizations and approximately 560 principal investigators.  The surveys are asking respondents to report on four categories of demographic information: race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual identity and ability/disability, as well as other information deemed important for assessing the diversity of the foundation’s grant portfolio. Community Science is working with the Foundation’s internal working group to develop appropriate response options for those four demographic categories. Community Science will produce interim and final reports that will summarize the descriptive statistics, themes that emerged from the analysis, relationships between demographic characteristics and other grant information, insights into patterns of grant making, and strategic and actionable recommendations for the Mellon Foundation to consider in its efforts to promote equity and inclusion in its grantmaking practices. 00801

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