AGU, through grant funding from the National Science Foundation, is developing and implementing an initiative to diversify geoscience institutions. The initiative includes the creation of a leadership academy and a communities of practice network that will foment geoscience professionals (i.e., Fellows) to champion institutional changes related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Community Science will conduct a formative assessment that will help the AGU team make any adjustments to programming as the initiative unfolds. Community Science will also conduct summative evaluation activities to assess the short- and mid-term impact of the initiative. There will be four general phases to the evaluation. Phase one will be focused on grounding the evaluation team in the work by reviewing documents and speaking to AGU team members, leading to the development of an evaluation plan and measurement framework. Phase two will focus on collecting baseline data from the Fellows by administering and developing a web-based survey of DEI knowledge, commitment to service, and leadership skills. The team will also conduct a network analysis. The third phase will include follow-up assessments with Fellows. The self-reflection assessment will be a mixed-method questionnaire that includes both quantitative and qualitative questions to allow Fellows to engage in a process of self-reflection from where they started to where they are as a result of the program. The final phase will be focused on summative findings across all of the years of implementation. Through knowledge products and ongoing communications, the evaluation team will present the evaluation findings to the AGU team, any program partners, participants, and other designated stakeholders. The results will include recommendations for how to use the evaluation data to inform ongoing program development, management, monitoring, and improvement. 00813