FoodCorps, in concert with AmeriCorps, connects kids to healthy food in school, so they can lead healthier lives and reach their full potential. FoodCorps seeks to create a future in which all our nation’s children—regardless of race, place, or class—know what healthy food is, care where it comes from, and eat it every day.

Community Science is worked with FoodCorps to evaluate their Alumni program by gathering information from alumni to see if they have remained in touch with FoodCorps, how the connections developed in the FoodCorps Alumni program have helped them, and what impacts they’ve made based on their experience in the program. Several methods will be used to collect and assess the data including surveys and focus groups.

FoodCorps’ vision is one where future generations grow up to lead healthier and more productive lives. FoodCorps seeks to understand the reach and impact of their Alumni program, improve the leadership development of BIMPOC leaders, and how to enhance the Alumni program.


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