The de Beaumont Foundation’s Public Health Reaching across Sectors (PHRASES) program was designed to address the need for effective strategies and framing and messaging techniques to help public health professionals effectively communicate the value of public health to potential partners and decisionmakers. The ultimate goal is fostering cross-sector collaboration. PHRASES designed a tool kit to aid public health professionals to communicate public health’s value. The tool kit will be disseminated by 15 public health fellows who will engage their peers in a series of formal and informal presentations.

Community Science is conducting a process and outcome evaluation that explores the PHRASES dissemination strategy. Specifically, the evaluation assesses the extent to which the tool kit was effective in reaching public health professionals, the tool kit’s perceived value to the field, and the extent to which the fellows contributed to the uptake of the tool kit by their peers. This will be achieved by tracking the fellows’ dissemination activities and querying recipients on their satisfaction, perceived usefulness, and intended and actual use of the tools. The results will provide key insights regarding gaps in dissemination, required changes or additions to the tool kit, and case studies that highlight uptake and use of the tool kit. 00573