The National Eye Institute (NEI)’s National Eye Health Education Program designed the ¡Ojo con Su Visión! (Watch Out for Your Vision!) program to help raise awareness about the importance of eye health among Hispanics and Latinos. The program provides culturally and linguistically appropriate educational resources to build community health workers’ capacity to share information, messages and  resources about eye health in their communities. NEI conducted a process and summative evaluation of the ¡Ojo con Su Visión! program to assess its effectiveness with Hispanic/Latino  communities. Community Science provided strategic guidance by reviewing all evaluation materials and making recommended improvements. NEI used the recommendations to improve its evaluation’s measurement framework, data collection protocols, and data collection instruments.  Data collection instruments were revised to: 1) improve is translation to Spanish; 2) simplify the text and lower the reading level; and 3) to standardized scale items to make them more intuitive for respondents. 00579

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