In 2003, Active Voice engaged Community Science to evaluate its New Americans Campaign, which used the stories of several immigrant families to provoke dialogue and exchange between immigrants and receiving communities. As part of this evaluation, Community Science interviewed Active Voice partners in five cities to explore how they used the stories to address emerging immigrant issues in the community and how they benefited from their partnership with Active Voice. The evaluation resulted in a framework that delineated the role of Active Voice in effecting change through the use of media, as well as recommendations to guide Active Voice’s partnership criteria.

Community Science and Active Voice’s organizational leaders continued to enjoy mutually beneficial exchanges even after the above evaluation ended. For instance, Community Science participated in a meeting between Active Voice and the Ford Foundation to discuss the ongoing capacity building of Active Voice, based on the lessons learned from the New Americans Campaign.

In 2009, Active Voice contacted Community Science once again for assistance with two new projects—Greensboro: Closer to Truth film project and the Torn from Home museum exhibit. In our process evaluation of the Greensboro: Closer to Truth project (2009-2010), we are examining how three very different organizations are using the film to spark dialogue and action to help their communities heal from past and painful events.

Created by the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Torn From Home traveling exhibit is enhanced by Active Voice’s role to intentionally connect the host venues with refugee-serving organizations. As part of the process evaluation of the Torn From Home exhibit (2009-2011), Community Science documents the number of exhibit visitors and interviews representatives from each host venue and participating organizations about first-time relationships and the value-added of Active Voice’s support. The findings are intended to strengthen Active Voice’s capacity to effect community change through the use of film, museum exhibits, and story-telling. (2009-present)