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DEI —three letters that you see a lot these days. Used together as a strategy, these letters tend to suggest some sort of magical approach to undoing the policies, practices, narratives, and norms that have contributed to the unfairness and disparities experienced by people of color and other historically excluded groups. In reality, the D(iversity), the E(quity), and the I(nclusion) mean different things, and one does not necessarily lead to the other. Join Kien Lee, VP of Consulting, Community Science, Elvis Fraser, Managing Director, Sankofa Consulting, and Randal Pinkett, CEO, BCT Partners, in a conversation about why separating the three letters is better for all of us while keeping them together can do more harm than good and how each requires different measures.

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Your Moderator

Randal Pinkett

Kien Lee
Vice President of Consulting
Community Science

Kien S. Lee, Ph.D., Vice President of Consulting, has expertise in promoting equity, inclusion, and cultural competency for health, food security, civic engagement, and leadership development.

She brings experience as a capacity builder, evaluator, and researcher working with federal and local government agencies, foundations, and nonprofit organizations that are striving to effect community and systems change. Kien is seen as a thought leader in work that occurs at the nexus of evaluation and racial equity and presents and writes extensively about how evaluation can be scientifically rigorous and supportive of racial equity at the same time.

At Community Science, Kien provides strategic and technical direction for the evaluation of health and racial equity projects. She leads the practice area in inclusiveness and equity, health equity, and effective organizations. Her subject matter expertise includes immigrant and refugee integration, community building, leadership development, health equity, intergroup relations, evaluation capacity building, and organizational cultural competency. Notable clients include the Bush Foundation, the Racial Equity Anchor Collaborative, Institute for Nonprofit Practice.

Your Panel

Randal Pinkett

Dr. Randal Pinkett
Chairman and CEO
BCT Partners

Dr. Randal Pinkett is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, scholar, and community servant. He is the co-founder, chairman and CEO of BCT Partners, a management, technology and policy consulting firm based in Newark, NJ. BCT Partners works with corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations in the areas of housing and community development, economic development, human services, government, healthcare and education. A partial list of BCT’s clients includes: Johnson & Johnson, Ford Foundation, Pfizer, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Hewlett-Packard, Annie E. Casey Foundation and Microsoft.

Pre-order Dr. Pinkett’s new book, “Data Driven DEI” here.

Randal Pinkett

Dr. Elvis Fraser
Managing Director
Sankofa Consulting LLC

Dr. Elvis Fraser draws on over 25 years of combined professional experience in academia, applied social science research, management consulting, grant development, and project management to support clients to develop customized solutions for their M&E needs. He understands the needs and challenges clients face, and how best to ensure that M&E investments produce results that are customized, actionable and timely. His personal commitment is to reduce inequalities and improve social justice by leveraging evaluative thinking and the use of quality evidence to enhance development programming and social interventions globally. Elvis has designed, managed, and implemented research and evaluations of programs across different sectors including agriculture, health, education, financial services, and the environment. He has served as a senior social scientist and consultant for organizations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Packard Foundation, the Kellogg Foundation, and the Ford Foundation. He has conducted research and has published on the interrelationships among social, political, and economic development. Elvis holds a Ph.D. in Socioeconomics & International Development from Ohio State University.