There a growing number of courageous mutual aid and other collective action starting up across the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the local level we see groups of neighbors joining together to help each other within their own communities and in nearby communities of need. We also see advocacy groups taking on the issues of housing and employment to make sure that there is equitable treatment. As the pandemic continues, we need to prepare for even harder times and help build the capacity of community groups to respond to the needs in our communities.

This pandemic, in a tragic way, presents a great opportunity to bring together communities—typically separated by discriminating differences such as race, class, age, sector, etc.—in common purpose and mutual caring. We see examples of neighbors crossing “boundaries” to help those who are more vulnerable and marginalized.

This webinar will lay out opportunities to support mutual aid and community action. We will also discuss what opportunities need to be developed to build and sustain the capacity of these efforts. We will have a panel of grassroots leaders operating in Baltimore and elsewhere that are currently involved in responding to the pandemic and strengthening their communities with a focus on less advantaged community members. If you are interested in participating as a panel member, please let us know. Participants will also have an opportunity to share their ideas during a live discussion.