We know that inclusive growth is needed. It is needed for justice–to respond to historic and current systemic racism (e.g., disproportionate access to capital by entrepreneurs of color). It is also needed for the good of the local/US economy–studies have shown that segregation and inequities are causing missed opportunities and slower economic growth. We do not always know, though, how to invest to increase equitable and inclusive growth.

This webinar will highlight best practices and ground them in local experiences. In particular, we will focus on aspects not often highlighted – how the economic development ecosystem can incorporate equitable principles and how to prioritize and measure the effectiveness of efforts to tweak, learn, and improve.

About your Host:
Amy Minzner has expertise in the evaluation of initiatives focused on people and place, specifically efforts focused on equitable development, workforce development, and community ownership. At Community Science, Amy leads evaluations and research projects focused on community change using a range of methods grounded in emergent learning and developmental practices.