The Barr Foundation desired to better understand the field of policy analysis tools available to drive mobility policymaking toward equity. Community Science is supporting Barr by conducting a meta-analysis of existing tools with the ultimate intention of creating a profile of the most relevant tools, highlighting for practitioners the tools’ relative strengths. We started our review by identifying leading mobility experts to learn about the tools they use, the gaps they see, and what resources they would find most important for furthering equity-focused policymaking. From this information, we are narrowing in on six of the most promising tools to profile in greater depth. The profiles will discuss how the tools were developed, where they have been used, their ease of use, and the context in which the tools are most likely to be effective. Once the review is complete, we will partner with Barr to share the profiles and our learnings with local and regional policymakers, community members, and transportation-focused philanthropy. 00809


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