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About Jasmine Williams-Washington

Dr. Jasmine Williams-Washington is an Associate, specializing in the implementation and evaluation of community organizing and organizational capacity building initiatives. Her organizational capacity building strategy is grounded in community organizing principles, using community and organizational power to make systemic change. She also has experience in quantitative and qualitative data analyses, specifically with thematic and grounded theory analyses. Professionally, she has a variety of experience with evaluations including, developmental, summative, and programmatic evaluations. Jasmine leads several evaluation and other capacity building tasks for foundation grantees, evaluators, and other nonprofit organizations. In this capacity, she has developed training, technical assistance, and supporting materials and conducted a variety of capacity-building efforts to increase the capacity of community organizations to collect and utilize data for assessment, planning, and evaluation. She also skillfully conducts site visits, interviews, focus groups, and data analysis for several of Community Science’s community development projects.
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